Introduction to Agile Methodology

  1. Incremental — products are released in small, valuable increments instead of shipped all at once.
  2. Iterative — products (and also the product development process itself) are continuously improved through user as well as internal feedbacks from the incremental releases, so that mistakes are quickly fixed as they are found.
  3. Focused on value —the priority is to always work on the highest value task or activity for the product.
  4. Empowering — decision making is pushed down to individual members of the team.

Comparison To The Scientific Method

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Comparison To The Waterfall Approach

  1. Analyze — understand the business requirements of the customer and draft a requirement document based on that.
  2. Design — craft features that can meet the requirements and come out with a design document.
  3. Build — develop the features for the product
  4. Test — conduct quality assurance tests
  5. Release — hand over the product to the production team for product release
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